La Pan’s is about creating great memories based around food, family, friends and fun times.


Our beginnings; original branding, product sizes & prices points. The message remains the same, food is about more than sustenance.

La Pan’s mission is to help all levels of cooks look like a rock star in the kitchen when they use our line of products. We have worked passionately over the past two years to develop, brand and bring our products to the California market. Being a southern gentleman, Jon wanted to share some of what he learned to love about southern food and BBQ to the west coast, his new home.

We understand food brings people together; friends, family and even complete strangers. Our mission is to create memories for these get togethers by making every food experience exceptional. Our spice blends, sauces and mixes come from the heart; our hope is with every bite or sip your guests will take notice and say “WOW”. When people remember the food from a party or an event, that party or event becomes an experience.

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